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Andy Lenton is a sole trader,
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AL Design Solutions
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(A) Pencil,

No Background

(B) Pencil, simple Background

(C) Painting / Pencil with Background

10” x 8”




12” x 10”




14” x 11”




16” x 12”




20” x 16”




27” x 20”




Commission Prices

The price for a commissioned picture depends upon a number of factors.

Size The bigger the picture, the longer it takes to create, and the more materials used. Also the framing cost increases significantly.

Complexity The basic prices quoted relate to a simple pencil illustration without a background, as demonstrated with the adjacent mini picture. Pricing for more complicated artworks can be a little more subjective, and relates to the client wishes for the composition and level of research required. More complex artworks are priced on an individual basis.

Although many hours of work go into each and every artwork, I still prefer to maintain prices at rates that make my original

Picture Style A, Pencil with no background
Picture Style B, Pencil with simple background
Picture Style C, Painting with background

artwork accessible to the average classic car owner. This does mean that lead times can be quite long due to demand.


Picture Sample