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Andy Lenton is a sole trader,
trading under the name of
AL Design Solutions
Member since 2003

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Self Portrait in Graphite Pencil, 2005

As a predominantly self-taught artist, Andy Lenton has been producing drawings for many years. Early work featured mainly transport and architectural subjects, later including technical illustrations for his studies to become a professional engineer.

You can find more samples of previous illustrations, along with information on commissioning an original artwork by navigating through the pages of this website.

Artistic Recognition

In addition to the interest from local car owners and galleries, late in 2003 Andy was also privalaged to be accepted as a member of the Guild of Motoring Artists. The GMA aim to support and promote motoring artist.


After working in engineering for a number of years, Andy has finally transferred his draughtsmanship and illustration skills to work principally in art and graphics.

Working from a series of photographs, Andy has specialised in producing detailed illustrations of motoring subjects. Using graphite pencil allows him to maintain technical accuracy while giving his work it’s own distinctive style.

Of the artwork that Andy produces, the majority is by commission from owners of classic and vintage cars from across the United Kingdom and beyond.